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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Recently, I was visiting Lady Atheist, and looking through some of her old blog posts. I found this. I don't how I missed this when she posted it. But the right-leaning comments on her link are nothing short of retarded. Every stupid, outdated, and oft-refuted argument imaginable is pulled from conservative asses to justify teaching Cretinism(yeah, "Cretinsim") in public schools. Oh, and religion too, which is okay since the Founding Fathers--the guys that conservatives want to have necrophiliac sex with, judging from the slavish worship and praise they pile upon them while pissing on the ideals they stood for--were Christian, at least to some degree. Which, of course, is pure bullshit. Of all the morons and half-wits on this page, the worst by far was "Mary De Voe". One of her comments is a textbook example of psychological projection, which is very common among Christians.

Our Declaration of Independence is on the side of the Creationist teacher simply because one of our founding principles: "We hold these truth to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and enowed by our Creator with unalienable civil rights and among these rights are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness..." "and trusting in Divine Providence we pledge our lives and our honor..." Any one who repudiates our founding principles for which our patriots sacrificed their lives twelve years before our US Constitution was written repudiates their citizenship and have no legal standing in a court of law by their own choosing. One cannot reject citizenship in America and then demand hearing in a court of law.

And then she continued with one shortly afterwards...

Abortionists too, reject the Declaration of Independence and our founding principles and demand a standing in a court of law, as real citizens. It cannot happen any more than Stalin or Hitler can demand standing in an American court of law. Let them go to the country where they can establish their kind of law without civil rights, for this is what the atheist really wants: to tyrannize the civil rights of a free people, a free people, who own all public schools and places in joint and common tenancy. Every public place without the mention of God is a tribute to atheism and an establishment of atheism under the penumbra of freedom of religion. Establishment of atheism is not permitted by our First Amendment.
Jesus Christ is a sovereign Person, Son of the Supreme Sovereign Being, Who brings every human being into existence. The Person of Jesus Christ is forbidden in the public square, The Person of God is not allowed in the public forum. FREEDOM 

For the first comment, I have this to say; the Declaration does not reference JEEBUS or his multiple personality-ridden father at any time. Thomas Jefferson, the man who drafted the Constitution(the document that actually has legal authority, by the way), was a Deist, and considered the bible to be mostly made-up. Also. this bitch is of the opinion that only Christians should have legal rights in this country, which goes directly against our founding documents in the worst way.

 The theme of the second comment is one of overwhelming Irony. Any person who can go from saying one minute that atheists should be stripped of their basic Constitutional rights to saying in the next that it's atheists who want to "tyrannize the civil rights of a free people, a free people, who own all public schools and places in joint and common tenancy" is completely insane and projecting their fascist dogma upon their enemies. Next thing you know, this twit will be saying that the Nazis were atheists and homosexuals(despite sending both to concentration camps) and we should exterminate modern atheists and homosexuals in death camps to prevent another Holocaust(a la Bryan Fischer). All in all, this a reflection of what lurks underneath Christianity's modern veneer of philanthropy and goodwill; the same murderous, raging egotism and fanaticism that devoured entire civilizations and cultures, and killed hundreds of millions of people. It's also interesting to note that at the end she starts saying that Jesus a sovereign person(without even a scrap of evidence), which means he's above our laws as kings and queens once were. But lo and behold, this sovereign is nowhere to be found. So, I guess it's his representatives who are above the law then, eh? Or at least that's how they would like things to be; a pity that our First Amendment doesn't concur. But I digress. The point is, this twat is just like millions of other lunatics in our country who pay lip service to the Founding Fathers without ever bothering to actually find out exactly what they fought for. Freedom--for all. Equality--for all. Not just the starry-eyed Zombie-tians.

In closing, I'd like to wish all of the fascists and theocratists out there a very merry Fuck You and yet another Happy New Year where the Jewish Sky Zombie fails to return, violating his own prophecy in Matthew 16, proving for the two-thousandth time(give or take) that Christianity is a false, failed religion.

Happy Winter Solstice, everybody!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


If Hitler was an atheist, he certainly did an excellent job of pretending to be a Christian, what with the explicit references he made to God and the bible throughout his Nuremburg speeches, and within Mein Kampf.