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Sunday, June 12, 2011


 Beware: this is going to hurt your brain, and may cause you to vomit.

"Child molestation is so natural that most people who don't do it are latent pedophiles. The way I know this is by having been prudent all my life, obeying morality but not necessarily thinking morality is right or practical. Only prudence is practical, as it eliminates temptation even if you are a pedophile. The problem with the church is not pedophilia but the impression it gives of being completely insincere. Its sexual critics are worse, projecting blame to distract attention from themselves.

See the above? I was watching a hilarious video on YouTube poking fun at the Vatican*, and when I scrolled down into the comments section, I beheld... this. This is one of the most fucked-up things I've ever seen, a fucking NAMBLA sub-human arguing for child rape. He should go to work for the Vatican, they'd love him. And his channel shows his recent activity, where he makes similar arguments for buggering children's bums on other videos. Please fuck yourself with a sharp object dipped in caustic acid, emanres1, and die.

And this invitation is openly extended to every single official of the Roman Catholic Church who has in any way willingly participated in hushing up and protecting  pederasts. Also, to see two hilarious vidoes that that respond to the Vatican, go to this page; http://undeniably-atheist.blogspot.com/search/label/shit.