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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Do we live in it? Is it evidence for God's existence? Christian apologists would have u think so. I've been insanely busy the last few weeks, so I apologize for the time between posts(not that posting more often would make you close your porn anyway). The fact is, no, we don't live in a M.P.U., and it's obvious. The Christian argument goes that our planet is clearly designed specifically for humans to live on. If we were any farther from the sun, earth would be a frozen wasteland like Hoth in Star Wars. Any closer, and no life could survive the high temperatures. Likewise, our gravity and oxygen perfectly balanced for us to live.
   So do we or do we not live in a mathematically precise universe?  No.
Here's why.

For one thing, the argument above forgets that we evolved to survive on this rock. If the gravity or atmosphere were a little different, then life would be a little different. And the fact that this planet is perfectly positioned for life is less impressive when we consider the infinite planets in our universe. There are billions upon billions of them, and some that we've seen via the Hubble Telescope are Earth-like in atmosphere and gravity. And even if this argument had weight, it's still labeled wrong.

Every second, asteroids slam into planets and moons or each other, stars go super-nova, quasars form, and entire solar systems are sucked into massive black holes. Even galaxies collide from time to time, in great cosmic cataclysms that make the apocalypse described in the bible look even weaker, punier and insignificant than it already is. The music of the spheres is chaos.

 What's precise about that?