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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Greetings, all! It's been a while since my last pope, but little has changed. Jesus is still dead, Cthulhu hasn't returned(yet), and honorless cretin are still lying about homosexuals and their supporters. As you may not know this, I am a poster(and member) of F.S.T.D.T.(Fundies Say The Darndest Things!), a board that copies and pastes hilarious, ignorant and terrifying quotes from Fundamentalists of all stripes and mocks them.
 We are equal-opportunity mockers, by the way; Muslim, Christian, and even atheist fundies will find their bile on this site(though Christian fundies, being more numerous on the Internet than the others, make up most of the material). Last week, I found that one of the fundies, EikBBrewer, had found his way to his quote on our site and was trolling it. So, I and other members took turns reducing his pitiful anti-gay arguments to rubble, while suffering though his incessant straw-men, mischaracterizations, and outright lies he made up about homosexuality.

Now, FSTDT posts the link to the original source for each quote on the site, so that readers can double-check and make sure that these comments are factual, and were not edited, mischaracterized, or otherwise taken out of context. So, out of curiosity, I clicked on the link to Erik's wordpress blog and found that he had written a blurb of anti-gay sentiment by quote-mining the arguments made against him on FSTDT. Here's the link; http://erikbrewer.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/more-flawed-logic-from-the-pro-homosexual-crowd/#more-1192

This is the refutation; and the exposure of Erik for what he is--an intellectually dishonest hack with no ethics or sense of honor.

“I have the right to protect myself from homosexuality and also my kids from its dangers.”
Sure you have. Just as much as you have the right to shield your kids from inter-racial marriage. You do not personally have to interact with any inter-racial couples, you do not have to teach your children about them and so on. No one can force you to do that.
“You can have this love too. It is available for all, even to homosexuals. They must repent and turn away from their sinful lifestyles. “
Then it’s not really available to homosexuals, is it now? “Even black people are allowed in here! But only if they paint themselves white and pretend to be someone else.”
" Did you notice the shift? I was talking about something that is a choice, homosexuality, and these people, who have no argument, shift the focus to race, something that is not a choice. This is a cheap tactic and shows a tremendous lack of intellectual integrity. This is the type of logic and deceptive tactics that homosexuals and their supporters use."

Can you prove that homosexuality is a choice? Personally, I've never seen any evidence to suggest that it's either genetic or a personal choice. Furthermore, just because you lack the wit to understand a painfully obvious analogy does not make it a "cheap tactic". Whether you want to admit it or not, there is no difference between current objections to gay marriage and objection to inter-racial marriage in days past. Both arguments claim that [insert bias here] marriage is dangerous to society, traditional families, and our children. Which is, of course, pure bullshit. 

You do NOT have the right to demand that the state supports your bigotry. You do NOT have the right to dicate other peoples behaviour according to your bigotry.
"By not agreeing with the sin of homosexuality, I am accused of being a bigot. I thought we lived in a free country where freedom of thought was promoted? I guess it is only for those who agree with the ideas and thoughts of homosexuals and their supporters."

Hey, nice straw-man, moron. The point is that unless you can prove that homosexuality and by extension, gay marriage, are legitimate threats to society, then you DO NOT have the right to force your bigotry on others. And the scant statistics and self-referencing links on your vile blog will not suffice.

"Here are some more classic attacks."
“Also, all of human civilization is based on one man and one woman pairing up and raising the next generation.”
This concept is impossible. Your bible is a fairytale. Get over it.
"In answer to my statement, this person (with no evidence to back up the claim) acts like a child on the playground. I keep waiting for one of them to write “nana nana boo boo”."


The link above will take you to the thread where ErikB[ullshit]Brewer took the opposing comments that appear in his post. Have you heard the phrase, "quote-mining"? You're about to see it in action.

"More great stuff here:"
There is a great law, God’s.
No, you’re wrong about that. It is not real.
"Have you noticed the lack of evidence? I have noticed it. In all of my posts, I give evidence for my arguments yet you see what the “logical” response of atheists and homosexuals is."

Yes, because you cherry-picked only the quotes that make it look like that. It's funny how Erik doesn't have a link to the website where he had these arguments; how stupid would someone have to be to take him at his word without a source? But then again, there are lots of Christ-tard blogs like this one, so...

Homosexuals do not know what love is, agape, self-sacrificial love
Do you sit up at night wondering whether homosexuals have souls?
"Again, instead of answering the question or statement, we get another one who tries to “shift” the focus. It is a classic tactic among these people. No wonder God says that they are futile (useless) in their minds."

The idiotic bigot who can't win an argument without constructing a straw-man is "useless" in the head. Read through the first two pages of the original thread to see what I'm talking about.

The only truth I see is that there is nothing but lies in your post.
You are a hateful little man and a waste of oxygen.
"Once again, if you do not agree with their lifestyle, then you are hateful. In other words, people do not have the right to disagree with the homosexual lifestyle without being hated on. What a great group of “free” thinkers these homosexuals and atheists are!!!
Shame on you for procreating Erik, so you’ll have a little brood of hate-filled minions to pass the torch on to.
"Not only do they attack me, but they also attack my children. Do you see how aggressive homosexuals and their friends are?"

First off, I doubt the person writing this comment was arguing with you. When someone reads a comment on F.S.T.D.T., they usually just write their opinion of the quote and move on. Secondly, they're not "insulting your children" but making a valid point. If this is the crap you believe about homosexuals, then it's a fair bet you're indoctrinating your spawn with it.
“You can have this love too. It is available for all, even to homosexuals.”
But only if they stop being homosexual? (Which they can’t.) Yeah, really loving.
Again this assumes that homosexuality is not a choice and that homosexuals are born that way. The evidence demonstrates that homosexuality is a choice. There is no gay gene. Unless you can prove it, I would not keep kicking a dead horse if I were you. But, homosexuals have a lot in common with Hitler. They also believe that if you tell a lie loud enough and long enough then people will start believing it.
“I have the right to protect myself from homosexuality and also my kids from its dangers.”
What dangers? The hordes of gays beating your door down trying to steal away your children?
Seriously. Get a grip. These people aren’t threatening you or your family. You just don’t . . .  like them, and you wish them harm because they are different from you. At least be honest about it, and stop banging on about love when what you really feel is hate.
"The homosexuals are not knocking on doors. They are trying to get in all of the public schools. They do not need to come to every door if we send our children to the public schools. Would someone please point out where I have said that I wish harm upon homosexuals? I need some evidence. I am not a macro-evolutionist, I need proof."

So teaching kids to tolerate others, and not discriminate is indoctrinating them? Wow, Erik really is stupid. And BTW,  as for macro-evolution...


As usual, you display your ignorance with every sentence.And trying to equate homosexuals with Hitler--was was a rabid homophobe that had the sent to the concentration camps--displays your stupidity.

Please tell me how not agreeing with the sin of homosexuality is violent,aggressive,condemning and intolerant?
It isn’t. However, trying to make homosexuality illegal, and trying to legislate us out of existence is.
It is not illegal in the USA to be homosexual. I never said that it was and I have never said that I pushed for homosexuality to be illegal. This is another straw man argument set up by the homo. They attack what they assume I mean instead of what I actually say. What cheap tactics. But I am used to this. When a homosexual or an atheist cannot win the argument, instead of humbly admitting defeat, he/she reverts to cheap tactics and personal attacks.
There is a great law, God’s.
That’s nice. I don’t believe in your religion, though, so why must I adhere to yuor dogma?
"As if an atheist’s lack of belief in reality (the existence of God) actually alters reality. You do not have to belief that you need a parachute when jumping out of a plane. You can ignore all the evidence if you want, that is your choice, but reality is reality."

This type of drivel is typical of Bullshit Brewer. Elsewhere on F.S.T.D.T., he argues for the bible and the validity of his cult. You can follow his pathetic, weak statements and his subsequent defeats here.



 Fact; the Wholly Babble that Erik puts so much stock in and failed to defend on F.S.T.D.T., is nothing more than a collection of myths and fairy tales. The gospels are frauds, and Jesus never performed any mircles or fulfilled any prophecies.
We are starting to see the consequences of it.
That being what? That June and Ward Cleaver couples are seen as the rose tinted glasses view of the family that they were? That both parents are now needing to work, just to make ends meet? You folks are good at pointing out ominous doom around us, but are never really good at pointing out direct cause and effect.
"The sexual revolution of the 1960‘s brought about a huge rise in single mother families. Single mothers, who raise kids (on a whole, not one case) have led to an increase in crime in the USA. I would recommend that you read this. (debate the facts of chapter 2). The rise in the crime rate goes hand in hand with the destruction of the family, made up of one man and one woman."

What if there is two gay parents? Oh wait, they're servants of Satan or some rubbish, so they don't count. :/
God condemns a lot of things, yet you choose this one thing to devote yourself to?
I have written on the dangers of all forms of immorality yet the homosexual crowd ignores that and just focuses on itself. That is typical of homosexuals, they are very self-centered.
I do not understand your logic. Your rights end where mine begin.
And yet your rights continue over ours. I fail to see what makes you so special that you get to tell us how to live our lives.
"I have never tried to tell anyone how to live his/her life. You can live any way that you please. I have mentioned the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle. You can still live it, even though you know the risks. Plus, God allows you to live as you please. You choose your actions. God, on the other hand, gives the consequences of your actions. He tells you what they are before you take the first step. You can choose to ignore the warning if you want.  Also, your rights end where mine begin. When homosexuals want to change the laws of marriage in the country where I live, then I have the right to stand up against it."

Out of bigotry, and bigotry alone. Just because your book of fables says that gay people are evil doesn't mean it it. The Babble also talks about talking animals and zombies.
If homosexuals were not so aggressive in their promotion of homosexual propaganda then they would not be criticized so much.
What propaganda? That we’re people too, and that we deserve to just be left alone to live our own lives?
If homosexuals wanted to be left alone then they would not be trying to teach children in public schools about homosexuality. Also, they would not be lobbying for laws on a national level. From their actions (gay pride parades) we see that homosexuals want to impose their lifestyle on society.
Also, all of human civilization is based on one man and one woman pairing up and raising the next generation.
Um, not even the . . .  Bible is based on that. How many of the . . .  patriarchs had one woman? Jeez, read your own . . .  holy book.
The fact that people in the Bible chose to disobey God does not change the standard. This is another weak argument by the pro homo crowd. Would you allow builder’s to change the standard of measure as they feel like doing? How would you build anything if each builder had his own standard set of measurements. If one decides to do it, does that mean that everyone else should change their standard for the one? I do not think so."

Basically, just loads of bullshit from the Bullshit Brewer. Notice how the opposing comments with periods in them have been edited? This is what passes for an argument from him.

Anyway, the real point here is, there is no legitimate reason to stop gays from amrrying. The only arguemtn we ever get is the old "slippery slope" tactic; that if we legalize gay marriage, soon we'll be doing the same for pedophilia or bestiality. Yet, there's no supporting logic for this assertion.

Also, check out this F.S.T.D.T. poster had to say when Erik was banned but came back under a different name to make one more post.

"Oh cute, Erik's back whinging about his intellectual honesty being the cause of him being thrown on his arse. Unless of course we've somehow breached the walls of reality into some peculiar Bizarro World, that's entirely the opposite of what happened.

You, Erik, made absolutely bunkum claims, then proceeded to flap your arms about, self-reference for 'proof' and trot out only partially related, semantically related or wholly unrelated but emotionally appealing or anecdotally tainted points of reference.

The site's regular posters happily attacked you point by point, providing hard data for their own reasoning, asked you for the same courtesy, and you immediately dodged on semantics every single time without a shred of integrity to show.

One by one, they decided you really were as intellectually bankrupt as you've demonstrated, and after having their own points/counterpoints unaddressed by anything save rhetoric, they consigned you to the cesspit of ignorance.

The sole thing you accomplished in your entire brief tenure before being banned, Erik, was an orgasm of blatant self-promotion of your vile little blog, merely reinforcing to others why being a fundamentalist is actually indeed, a bad thing.

I will reiterate once more, as I have done so several times in past: You are an amoral, lying jingoistic sack of shit with nothing of value to contribute to society, and the validity of your points is moot until they can pass scientific or sociological peer review.

"I said so" is not valid conjecture, it's rhetoric.

"So and so said so" is not valid. It's peer babble.

"The Journal of X Science published this paper after a research team vetted the results and cross-published to Journal Y and Z who then re-published new papers confirming the result" is valid science and fact.

Sort your head out, windbag."



  1. Hey, as cool as the blog looks, it is very hard to read, esp. white type on different shades background. Just a heads up.

  2. Same complaint. I had to highlight the black text as if I was going to copy it just so I could read it. Also had a hard time trying to figure out who was writing on occasion.

    on the whole, though, anyone who makes a comment like

    "As if an atheist’s lack of belief in reality (the existence of God) actually alters reality."

    is by definition a fucking ree-tard.

  3. It was hot air...it had to go somewhere!^