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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Howdy, friends and neighbors. Two days ago, I tried to argue with a Jewish fundamentalist who was posting lies and slander of atheists on his vile blog(I saw the link on F.S.T.D.T.). I commented on two of his posts, this one and this one.  He published my comments, and then responded to individual sentences from them--ignoring the bulk of my remarks--and has yet to post any evidence for his views. He is a creationist whose arguments are predictably outdated and based upon a Lamarkian framework of evolution. His entire blog is basically one big propaganda pamphlet complete with mindless sycophants who hang on his every word. Every single post he's done makes bare assertions about atheists, and when challenged to produce evidence, he links to a post he did in the past that is also bare assertion and libel, thus discrediting himself by self-referencing. He is a intellectually bankrupt jackass. He tries to pass off Communism as just another kind of atheism, argues that Darwin started eugenics, and that the Nazis were atheists. Why am I even bothering with this shit-stain? To put another notch on my Irony Meter? One thing is for certain however; religion is totally worthless. In one of his posts, he argues for the biblical flood by saying this; 

"Questions often asked about the Deluge are: Where did all the water come from? Where did it all go? How did the animals find the ark? How did they, together with their food, all fit into the ark? How did they return to their original habitats afterwards? How did plants survive?"

 These are devastating questions if considered logically. How could Noah fit every single animal species onto the boat, including rhinos, hippos, giraffes, polar bears, grizzly bears, sloths, bats, birds, elephants, kangaroos, deer, wildebeests, crocodiles, alligators, all of the different insect and snake species, etc.? How did the animals cross the the continents and oceans to get there? How did they store all of the food? How did they clean up the tons of feces that would've built up every day? How did they keep the predators from eating the prey? How did they store up enough fresh meat to keep them satisfied? The answer is simple; they didn't. It is logically impossible.

The answer is: God did it. In other words, these events cannot be explained according to the laws of physics, chemistry, biology etc. They can only be explained by miraculous divine intervention.

There ya go, people; religion in a nutshell. Religion: equal parts stupidity, insanity, ignorance, and superstition. In the brilliant book, Believing in Bullshit, the author actually goes into this issue of Uncle Noah and his magic boat, and explains that the deeply religious will say anything to reason their way through it. After all, if you believe in an all-powerful god, why not say that he just magically shrunk the animals down into pocket size for the trip and caused food to magically appear out of thin air every day(to paraphrase him)?

Atheists take it for granted that the Deluge did not happen, since to believe it did happen would mean believing in miracles, which would mean believing in God, which would mean believing in God’s commandments, which would disturb their selfish and self-indulgent lifestyle.

And of course, he simply has to slander his betters, atheists and scientists, in every single post(no kidding). We don't accept miracles because of the lack of evidence; no, it's because we want to live free of the Jewish Sky Nazi's sacred rules that he'll kill us and our families for not believing. In . Your. Dreams. First show strong evidence for miracles before making a prick out of yourself.

And so it continues. The fundamentally religious lie and stoop to every low necessary to defend their bullshit, and use intellectual dishonest tactics to respond to skeptics. I rate this dildo and his vile blog at "F".

EDIT at 5:47 p.m., March 5.

The debate is over. Jewish Philosopher accused me of being a drug addict after getting his ass handed to him with every fresh comment I posted. On the entire "Atheism" thread, he failed to respond to any of my arguments or cite any evidence whatsoever for his own. His final comment after I left the thread?

"One idiot down; bring on the next please."

My response;


  1. BR, as soon as I began reading, I knew with whom you had the run-in - Jacob Stein, aka "Jewish Philosopher". I've encountered him before. This man is profoundly mentally ill; he makes some of the lunatics with whom we deal on Debunking Christianity look like paragons of mental health by comparison. He's actually a convert, and he has all of the convert's zeal with a huge, supersized helping of crazy thrown in as well. It also gets rather sordid; in addition to his fundamentalist religious views, he has serious sexual issues. I know a young woman, a college girl, whose blog he began to haunt, making sexually suggestive remarks and saying things that were wildly inappropriate. Her father had to contact Stein's employer; it turned out he was doing it on company time, and they terminated him. I myself had a brief email exchange with his rabbi. The rabbi was very guarded (as they tend to be in that world) as to his opinion and what, if anything, he intended to do about it, but someone told me later that Stein had been asked to leave his congregation. At one point, I was considering calling Social Services as well; he has children, and I can't think it's a healthy environment for them to be growing up in. In any case, the fact that this man is walking around free is a scathing indictment of both our health care and our judicial systems.

    I don't really participate on Jewish blogs any more, but when I did, I had a firm rule; I wouldn't participate on a blog that tolerated his presence. I wouldn't waste any more time on him, he's quite literally unreachable. If ever there were a candidate for lobotomy, he's it.

  2. He stalked a college girl *and* has kids; I feel vaguely sick. It's bad enough that they're being brainwashed by their insane father to denigrate science as secondary to religious "authority", but in addition to everything they 're probably going through, they're going to end up seriously screwed up. This kind of thing is disgusting, but I guess it's the kind of minds attracted to religious fundamentalism.

  3. Fringe personalities in general, I think. There's a great deal of mental illness and a fair amount of sexual misconduct in that world (they've had pedophilia cases rivaling those within the Catholic Church)- but he's an extreme example.

  4. I'm not really a "college girl" any more. It fascinates me to see that those outside the Jewish blogosphere have had the unfortunate experience of engaging Mr. Stein.

    I often wonder: Is he really a fundie, or is he a clever atheist?

    1. I would hope it's the latter. It would nice if someday, people like Ray Comfort and Ken Ham suddenly revealed to their moronic fans that they were atheists all along, and just wanted to see how far out their claims could go before fundies themselves started doubting them.

  5. Hi, Tova. I just noticed your comment. How are you? Are your parents well? What are you doing now? How did you find BR's blog? Were you Googling Stein?

    You know, I sometimes wish I had called Social Services, but Abandoning Eden made that huge deal about how damaging it would be to the kids, and no one (to my recollection) challenged her, so I let it go. Meanwhile, the most difficult decision she had to make that week was which costume Mr. Barkley would wear to the Halloween party at her office.