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Friday, November 12, 2010


MediEvil is a 3D action/adventure hack 'n slash fantasy game released by Sony fpr the Playstation in October 1998 for Europe and North America, and June 1998 for Japan. The premise is simple; you take on the guise of Sir Daniel Fortesque(pictured above), a failed hero who died over a hundred years ago in the great Battle of Gallowmere. The evil wizard, Zarok, thought to have been destroyed at the battle, has returned to wreak revenge on the country of Gallowmere, and has cast a powerful spell over the country that hypnotized all the peaseants and brought the dead back to life. With no one to stand in his way, Gallowmere is doomed. However, Zarok made one mistake; his spell brought you back to life as well.

The game is incredible; while the graphics are nothing short of archaic by today's standards, you have to understand that this was one of the first true 3D adventure games ever made. And the graphics were cutting-edge when the game came out. For example, your sword(s) will reflect light depending on your position, and the character animation is smooth and rapid. You will face a variety of foes, ranging from zombies to animated pumpkins and demons, with an arsenal of weapons to slash, bash and utterly destroy them. Features include hordes of enemies, disembodied zombie hands which skitter about and can be smashed with your hammer for money, and rather snarky, smart-mouthed gargoyles. Also, watch out for numerous references to elephants throughout the game. If you are a fan of fantasy and sword 'n sorcery, then this game is a must-have.

Here are some screenshots for your enjoyment.

                                          Here's Daniel, shortly before he dies from getting shot
                                          through the eye by the first arrow of the first volley.
                                          Hero? Not likely...


                                          Here's a close-up of the rather ugly-looking git known
                                          as Zarok.

                                           A typical gargoyle, seen here in the middle of gargoyle's
                                           favorite activity; mouthing off.

                                          Sir Daniel Fortesque. A tad thinner these days.

                                          The between-levels map. The dark spots are levels
                                          that haven't been unlocked yet.


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