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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Greetings, suckers! As you probably know, it's been three weeks since I regaled you with my last post about MediEvil. So, without further adieu, let's get started on my new post. Not much is new, except that I've joined an awesome text-based game called "Cthulhumud", a Lovecraft-themed R.P.G. that you play for free. Features over 8,000 rooms and a "chat" option that allows you to ask for help at any time and almost instantly get advice from other players and/or the moderators of the game, referred to as the "Immortals".
 And because it's text-based, you actually have to use your imagination throughout the entire game. Also, to all my fellow Lovecraft fanatics out there, do you ever feel bored and listless at work? Ever wanted to step into the shoes of Herbert West, re-animator? Then look no further than "Deanimator", an awesome flash game designed by one Bum Lee(yes, that really is his name). I would tell you about the features, but I think it would be best if you found out for yourself at http://www.de-animator.com/

By the way, my highest score(so far) is 95. Beat that, losers!!


In other news, the latest Mortal Kombat game is coming out in a few months and promises to be a return to the franchises' bloody roots.

Well, one can only hope. To see videos and hear the latest news, just head on over to www.trmk.com, ASAP. Also, I plan to give you all some early Christmas presents this year. An ignorant and mentally retarded evangelical propaganda website called Contender Ministries has a slanderous article that attempts to paint Buddhism as misogynist and Satanic. Hopefully, I'll be posting a full analysis and refutation of their puerile, self-serving bullshit within the next month; but I'm testing for my Blue Belt in Tae Kwon Do this coming Monday, so you'll have to wait for a bit.
 And just as icing on the cake, I'll also be refuting two pedantic, childish articles written by two arrogant, ignorant atheists who felt like ranting over Buddhism for some strange reason that we'll probably never understand.

Also, if you feel like risking your sanity, slide on over to Cthulhumud.com and begin your journey into bleary-eyed typing right now. Peace Out.



  1. Do you practice with other Buddhists? I am curious if you have talked with other gaming Buddhists and discovered similar meditation obstacles and skills. Gaming offers many forms of mind training and I am curious how you'd compare these skill sets to those practiced in various meditation skills.

  2. Actually, I just practice by myself(the only other Buddhists I know are names on my computer screen), except for when I meditate outside, then my dog accompanies me. As for gaming--if I really concentrate, on games like Soul Reaver or almost any MK game, I do kind of enter a Zen-like state of mind that aids me in defeating tough enemies... but usually, I just swear at that bastard Shao Kahn in four languages.