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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some Important Announcements...

I, after a stretch of unemployment, have found a job. The bad news is, I will be working for ten hours a day, so don't be surprised if it takes a week or more for any comments posted here to get a reply. Secondly, I am now an incurable metal-head. Of course, this down-ward spiral into insanity isn't new--I've been listening to Metal on and off for five years, at least--but my recent binge of watching entire, commercial-free Metalocalypse episodes on YouTube*, and downloading Dethklok songs onto my Ipod(two of them are below) has left me hopelessly enamored of metal now and forever(it's funny how Dethklok, despite only being a real band since '07, kicks the ass of most other metal bands out there. Or maybe that's sad).
   Also, to my friends at Debunking Christianity, I'll still try to stop by after work, but you'll be seeing much less of me than you usually do, and more of me over the weekends.

And now, some Metal. >)

*They were on a channel of the user, "iKingStewie", who was deleted for infringing on Adult Swim's copyrights. May Odin's mostly imaginary blessings be upon thee, warrior of freedom and metal!

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