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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Funny; if this had been a crazy Muslim reading out of the Koran, of a crazy Satanist reading out of the Satanic Bible, the Faith-Freedom Foundation probably wouldn't give a two-penny fuck over it. But if a crazy Christian with the intention of stirring up shit pulls off a publicity stunt like this, oh, it's a violation of his Constitutional rights. Never mind everyone else's right to wait in line without religious idiots telling them that a magic Cosmic Beard Man is storing up wrath for them(which can be construed as a threat), it's all about this guy. It's funny how the cop tells this guy that he can't do this to a captive audience, and the idiot mumbles something about how everyone is a captive audience for God's Word or some crap. 
   And you can tell that this is what he wanted. Why do Christian evangelicals(i.e., the religious right) fell this urge to constantly show themselves to be hypocritical shit-bags? Who knows?

Hat tip to the worthless site Tribalogue for this video.


  1. Martyrdom feeds the persecution complex. Validates the belief system - "You'll be hated for my sake... " yadda, yadda.

  2. Yep. Pat Robertson once said that the "persecution" that evangelical Christians suffered at the hands of the media was just as bad as Hitler's persecution of the Jews, and was "worse than the persecution ever suffered by any ethnic group".

  3. Absolutely! A self-fulfilling "prophesy." One has the right to believe in whatever the f**k one wishes to(in his/her privacy) but they don't have the right to impose that annoyance upon others or disturb other people's peace with all that religious nonsense.

  4. "A self-fulfilling "prophecy"..."

    Exactly! Christians have spent decades predicting that as society grows more secular, eventually Christians will become persecuted. And since they've been waiting with baited breath of Christ's return, with no stirrings from the zombie himself, now they go out in public to stir up shit and get arrested so that they will feel that their persecution complexes actually have some logical basis.

    It's just too bad that Jesus said in Mat 24;34 that he would return before his generation passed away, rendering Christianity as nothing more than a failed doomsday cult struggling to justify it's existence anew in each new generation.

  5. B.R. says:

    "...a failed doomsday cult struggling to justify its existence..."

    And I say you're absolutely correct. They have 2,000 years invested in the business of superstition and they aren't about to relinquish. Legions of apologists who have spent years, efforts, and countless resources trying to prop up that bankrupt bronze-age crockpot.

  6. Of course. Despite all the Christian rhetoric to the contrary, none of them wants to see their livelihood bite the dust. A wall of degrees and an entire life spent in the field of make0-believe("theology") isn't good for much besides getting a job at Burger King or making horror movies.