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Friday, June 15, 2012


 So my old friend over at Debunking Christianity, GearHedEd, has just recently demolished the existence of the Abrahamic god in one brief comment. Answer it if you can, theists.

"A: Perfection is complete; needs nothing. For YHWH to create something (anything) indicates a state of imperfection that needed to be redressed. Question for Christians, theologians, apologists and theistic philosophers: Given arguendo that the act of "Creation" entails at a minimum a CHANGE from a previous state, how do you reconcile the fact that this creates a dilemma for perfection? Either "perfect" wasn't good enough and therefore NOT perfect and in need of change, or alternately that change is a 'better' form of perfection. Now, given that "perfect" is already superlative (there can be no "degrees" of perfection; something is either perfect or less than perfect), how can change make perfection "better"? (=FAIL #1--God is not perfect, according to the Bible).
B: Exodus 20:3. There are other gods; YHWH admits as much through prohibiting worship of them.(=FAIL #2--YHWH is in competition with other gods for the attention, and gets jealous when He's not first in line).
C: Free Will (Christian version). We must have free will, because we must be free to "reject God"... Puhleeeeze... If YHWH is the Creator, and gave Man free will, He has no business telling us how to use it. To give a gift, and then dictate how it must be used is no gift. Furthermore, to say that we must have a "free choice" whether to love God (because He loves us so much that if we don't love him back He'll torture us for all eternity...) flies in the face of the idea that we'll be punished if we make the wrong choice. (=FAIL #3--*True Love* doesn't come with conditions, especially ones that cause those who "reject" it to burn for eternity).
D: "Evil" doesn't exist. Everything is relative. We call things "evil" when the results aren't favorable. But maybe it was favorable for someone else...? The whole concept of "evil" (definition includes malicious intent by some 'agent') is based on a conceptual framework that includes invisible malevolent "forces" that capriciously choose who gets fucked under and who doesn't. Here's a tip, Christians: everything is neutral, and randomized. There is no cosmic battle between the "Forces of Good" and the "Forces of Evil". Life sucks (or it doesn't--it's up to YOU), and then you die. (=FAIL #4--There's no "afterlife", Christians. Get over it and start living instead of pining for the grave)."


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