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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Posted by b__e at Debunking Christianity, in response to Lucian;

"Lucian, but the Bible is no help with resolving good and evil anyway.  God kills infants while saying murder is wrong, sends lying spirits while telling people not to bear false witness, tells us we should not punish the innocent but curses all of Adam's decendants, has people killed in barbaric and horrible ways for such "crimes" as picking up sticks yet tells people to be kind, tortures people for eternity in hell while all while claiming mercy is essential.  He says he's "coming soon" when it has been 2000 yrs.  He gives us His "word" but it is intellgible and people have been fighting over what its contradictory message means for centuries.  This God not only does not exist-- but the myths about him have generated all sort of unnecessary and irrelevant arguments."

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