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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


New [I]diotic [D]rivel articles from Marvin Olasky not withstanding (since I enjoy ripping that sanctimonious pseudo-intellectual dipshit a new asshole), I'm more or less finished with creationist refutations. What's the point? Contrary to what YECS and Idiots say, there is no debate; there hasn't been one since the dawn of the 20th century. The only people who remain unconvinced of evolution are ignorant religious fanatics whose opinions on science were meaningless to begin with and fringe lunatics who, despite having actual scientific degrees, a rarity among Cretinists, are still incapable of formulating intelligent arguments involving falsifiable mechanisms, observations in the lab/nature, and any kind of actual experimentation. Really, I.D. is just a catalog of concepts that IDers (spuriously and/or ignorantly) claim Darwinian evolution via natural selection doesn't satisfactorily explain. So, I have posted this video to celebrate my victories over creationists, all of which were crushing, yet mean nothing in the long run since I'm a novice to science and the debate, as mentioned earlier, was already over. Enjoy.

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