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Friday, February 4, 2011


Recently, I've been debating Christians on D.C., and ghosting Free Conservatives, and I am fucking pissed off.

Christians have the most deceitful, dishonorable, and disgusting proselytizing tactics I've ever witnessed.

It's clear by this point that evangelicals have no concept of ethics or honor whatsoever.

This man... if you can call him one... is a sick fuck who feeds on the deaths of others to back up his own fanatical concept of eternal hell.

" After they're sedated, you can always tell where they're going."

No, you can't. That's bullshit and a lie. Different people experience death in different ways. The look on their face has nothing to do with an "afterlife"; it's just unique individual experiences of death. Not that you'd be able to understand that, of course.

"And his pupils dilated, and a look of horror came into his eyes, and he shook, and the whole bed shook, and you could tell that he was being dragged into Hell."

It was the synapses firing in his brain, fuckwit. You're supposed to be a doctor, for crying out loud. You see? All ethical and moral issues aside, this is the typical type of mindless, superstitious drivel that zealous Christians count as "evidence" for their beliefs. It's a well-known fact amongst skeptics that Christianity has no evidence supporting it whatsoever. The gospels are fictional Second Century frauds written by anonymous authors, the Old Testament is a heavily edited version of the Torah that has been altered so much that it bears no similarity to it's Judaic roots, and prayer has been proven worthless time and time again.

"And I've known people who had Jesus who died, and they died with peace, and they had a smile on their lips..."

Feelings and groundless assumptions are not evidence, doc; learn how to think for yourself.

"And he(a pastor) talked about how hot hell was, and hot bad hell was, and I did;t want to go to hell, so I received Jesus into my heart."

It didn't take evidence to convert this man; it didn't reasoning, or proof; just rhetoric and magical threats of going to hell. Why? Because he was a child at the time. They got to him while he was young, because when you get to them young, their minds are rubber that you can twist and pull into any shape you want; I can still remember my own Sunday School days. that's the horror of Christianity; it relies on brainwashing to propagate itself.

But see, this man claims to be a retired throat surgeon; he's not a neurologist, so even if heaven and hell were real(and they're not, they've been debunked), how the hell does he know what he's talking about? He has no credentials. And the best part? He believes that "23 Minutes In Hell" is true. He's a credulous fool. How gullible can you get? Evangelicals and Fundamentalists; we keep 'em around because they give us an ego boost every time they speak or try to think.

And then this guy starts telling you how demons will tear you into pieces in hell forever and ever and ever, and you'll never escape(notice how hell inevitably sounds like a mentally disturbed jerk-off fantasy for psychopathic sadists?), right before he describes heaven, which inevitably sounds like an eternal orgasm.

"There is really no choice between these two, everyone is born into sin, etc., etc."

You are beyond retarded. sir. You are a disgrace to the human race. Your putrid mind-fuck cult has lobotomized you more effectively than a scalpel ever could.



Sorry if my tone offends anyone, but this kind of shit never fails to make me angry. That people can and do frequently dumb themselves down to make their mindless dogmas more palatable is sickening. And here is one thought I'd like to leave you with; Christianity is the most selfish cult in the world. Why? Simple. Most Christians cling to the unbiblical belief that all unbelievers will go to hell for all eternity(despite the fact that a loving god would not create people just so he could damn them; so much for grade-school level logic), and that in heaven they will get to look down upon the damned for eternity. Very loving, eh? Funny how heaven just sounds more and more like a jerk-off fantasy for sadists. But, I digress. The fact that Christians are willing to see friends and family burn in unimaginable anguish for all time just so they can guzzle wine and join the Cosmic Jewish Sky Zombie's mindless horde of sycophants shows them to be a bunch of tremendously selfish asswipes.

What's your take? Please comment below.

Sincerely Yours,



  1. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up

  2. This is why we need to start making serious decisions about who is and isn't allowed to breed.

    Why do you call it ACME's Buddhist Catalogue? When you die, do you go to a hell realm where they drop a giant anvil on you?

  3. @cipher;

    Because as a licensed ACME salesperson, I offer discounts on anvils, prayer beads, ACME Incense, and double-barreled shotguns available through S-Mart. :)
    That, and I've had a love affair with Looney Toons since I was three years old.

    ACME-If We Don't Have It, You Don't Want It!

    S-Mart; Shop Smart: Shop S-Mart!

  4. I always wanted one of those giant boulder catapults... Oh, and throw in some of those rockets that never explode when they're supposed to.

  5. Just watched that video you linked...

    OW! My brane hurts. Thanks a lot!

  6. Hey, no problem; I can get you discounts AND drive you completely insane with my latest post.

    S-Mart: Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart!

  7. Simply put - the world needs to be free of the lies of Jesus Christ,Muhammad,and Moses. Death to the Abrahamic control machine. A world free of these Semitic death cults (Christianity,Islam,and Judaism) is a world we should all be aspiring for. Until then this world will never know true peace.

    If I offended people by what I just said then get over it already. The truth hurts sometimes. Grow up and accept the truth that nothing good comes from the Middle East - at least not since the inception of these vile Semitic death cults.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Ben, although it should be pointed out that the odds of the synoptic gospels being the actual teachings of Jesus are unlikely. The first, Mark, was written at least forty years after his death (assuming that he did die around 30 a.d.) by anonymous authors. It wasn't until early church councils took a vote that the gospels were named after the apostles. All o them contain conflicting details, and omniscient third-person narratives, a staple of fiction, not fact. Yet despite all of this, christians still insist that the gospels are historically accurate, reliable eye-witness accounts. Delusion runs deep.

  8. B.R. you're right. You've done your homework. Are you familiar with the works of Acharya S? Her website is www.truthbeknown.com

    1. Not until now. Thanks for the link.