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Friday, November 18, 2011


Recently, a servant of the Old Ones informed me that I am commanded to tend to my blog(thanks, Gear). Just in case anyone's wondering why I haven't posted since September, college has been keeping me too busy to really focus much on this site. But don't worry, Thanksgiving Break starts Wednesday, so I'll try to post more often.

A couple of weeks ago, my mother received a religious magazine called "The Believers' Voice of Victory". I had seen previous issues lying around before, but since I was kind of bored, I decided to flip through this one(and actually read something in it).

The Stupid was strong.

About half in, between pompous declarations that Zombie Jesus would return soon(despite being 2,000 years late for his own prediction[Matthew 16:28]), earnest pleas for money, and adds for religious diploma mills, I found this article, titled, "Blessed is The Nation Whose God is The Lord".

The refutation follows.

"June 16, 2010

Dear Believers Stand United Partners,

America is a Christian nation. This statement is historically and spiritually accurate. It is impossible for anyone with intellectual integrity to separate the birth of the democratic republic of the United States of America from the decidedly Christian writings, ideals and faith-filled convictions of the men and women who founded it."

Wow. We're just in the opening sentence, and this guy is already lying.Where to even start? One one thing, if this lie is "historically and spiritually accurate", why does neither the Declaration of Independence, nor it's more important relative, the Constitution, mention or refer to Jesus Christ, Yahweh, or the Bible? Not even one single time? Isn't it odd that the Founding Father were extremely thorough and eloquent in their documents on their grievances with England and their goals as a new nation, yet forgot to add that this country is a Christian one? For Religious Righters, here is The Constitution.

"A simple walking tour of the U.S. Capitol building reveals our Christian heritage. Within just a few steps you will see on the circular wall of the rotunda, people kneeling in prayer, several open Bibles and the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition, immediately above the chair of the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the House Chamber we read these words: “In God We Trust.” And directly across the room from that is a sculpture of Moses affixed to the wall."

Ah, so because the vast majority of Americans have been Christians due to their European heritage, this must mean that the U.S. is a Christian nation that needs scriptural laws, right? Wrong. 

Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...

A few excerpts from the Wholly Babble does not overrule the First Amendment. A cultural heritage involving a religion does not carry over into state affairs, and nor should it. Now, keep the Amendment above in mind, as I shall reference it again.

The next several several paragraphs have little importance to the general message, and you can read in the original source if you want. They are basically anecdotes describing the Christian beliefs of one or two Founding Father, and religious sentiments they expressed, probably to reinforce the delusion that our freedoms derive from Christianity, a myth I'll refute in a moment.

"Much like our intrepid forefathers who risked all for freedom and faith, we too are called upon today—in 21st century America—to stand up, speak up and never shut up for the cause of freedom and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our freedoms are being attacked and we must be vigilant, aware and involved. Just recently individuals and organizations have fought against the National Day of Prayer and prayer before legislative bodies. We have also witnessed elected officials attempting to hide, obscure or simply remove any mention of God from our U.S. Capitol Visitors Center, and we frequently hear stories of teachers and government employees not being allowed to share their beliefs in their classrooms or work environments."

First, what the hell makes this propagandist think that Christian sentiments have any place in the Capitol of a government that is forbidden by it's own ethics to respect any establishment of religion? Has he(or any of his readership) even bothered to read the Constitution? And what right do teachers in public schools have to "share their faith" with their students? I was under the impression that schools were created to educate students with facts, not indoctrinate them with religious woo.

'We have also heard an elected official declare that America is not a Christian nation. This is what I meant earlier when I said it seems in America today only one viewpoint is free—all others are very costly. That is why people of faith, like you and I, must engage the culture and remind our fellow citizens and elected officials about the history of our nation and its inextricable connection to the bright future that is ahead for our country.
"Here is the good news: Our work through Believers Stand United is making a difference! Over the past year we have seen victory for prayer as city councils in Lodi and Tehachapi, Calif., have voted unanimously to keep prayer before their council meetings. The words “In God We Trust” have been returned to the Capitol Visitors Center, where they had been erased and replaced with golden stars. Teachers have been acquitted of wrongdoing for praying before a meal at a high-school booster club event in Florida, and most recently a teacher was restored to his position at Westview High School in San Diego, Calif., after being sued and removed for displaying Christian quotes from the early founders of our nation. In this case, comments by U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez were particularly important: “While the school district encourages students to celebrate diversity, and values thinking for one’s self, they apparently fear their students are incapable of dealing with diverse viewpoints that include God’s place in American history and culture."'

Aren't we forgetting something? Lets see, this guy is admitting that his organization is responsible for the First Amendment being overturned in several city councils. Why do councils need to invoke a Stone Age tribal deity before sessions? Isn't that a bit dated? Should they also start sacrificing cows and sheep while they're at it? Or maybe they should read the future of budget cuts in the texture of a sheep's bladder. As for schools, I don't see any problem with displaying religious quotes from our Founding Fathers, since they represent nothing more than personal opinions, and have no power over our secular government. However, informing students about the religious views held by some of the Founders(those who weren't Deists or Free Masons), and teaching them that these personal views have any legal influence on our government are two very different things, and I for one, am curious as which these teachers were doing. But the real Stupid(apart from the excrementatious opener) hasn't arrived yet. Wait for it...

"Yes, for anyone who is even slightly aware of American history, the United States is a Christian nation, but it is crucial for each of us to pray, stay involved and engaged in politics to ensure the same is true for future generations. Each of us has a role to play."

I guess the Amendments don't count as "history". Or maybe he's just(intentionally) "unaware" of the First. Wait for it...

'Remember, there is no such thing as “separation of church and state.”'

The horror, the horror....

"That phrase is a misnomer. It was used by one of the founders of this nation to affirm that government should not encroach or interfere in the Church—not that the Church could not be involved in government and the political process of the United States"

 Oh for fuck's sake. I mean, what? What?? Do any of the idiots who read this rag know one fuckin' thing about the Constitution? Do they know any history they didn't have force-fed to them by brain-washers?
Where to even start? This is so inane, that there's no possible response to be made. And don't even get me started on the Fucking Church of The Jewish Sky Zombie interfering with state affairs. The Papal Inquisitions, Crusades, pogroms, religious wars and genocides, and witch hunts would've never happened if the Church had remained in it's rightful place; away from politics!

If you want to see what happens when the Church gets "involved" with state affairs, look at this right here.

"If you haven’t signed up for updates at Believers Stand United, I invite you to do that today by visiting believersstandunited.com. Join us at Kenneth Copeland Ministries as together we stand for the principles of faith in Jesus Christ, the authority of the Word of God and the freedoms that have made the United States of America great for more than 200 years.

Thank you for standing with us as together we make a difference and restore the principles upon which the United States of America was founded.

Blessings to you and remember,



Give me a fucking break.N


  1. Very well put! The religious right needs to stop lying to the public about their twisted views of how the country was "founded".

  2. we read these words: “In God We Trust.”

    Do any of these dingbats even realize that that was only adopted as a motto a few decades ago, and doesn't date back to the founding of the nation? Just as "under God" wasn't originally in the pledge of allegiance.

    Our freedoms are being attacked

    The only "freedom" of theirs which is being attacked is their "freedom" to oppress gays and to force women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term.

    Do they know any history they didn't have force-fed to them by brain-washers?

    Notably the history of horrific violence and persecution in England during the tug-of-war over whether Catholicism or Protestantism should be the official religion -- history of which the Founders were well aware, and which they did not want to see repeat itself in America. Given what they knew, it would be amazing if the Founders had not taken steps to keep religion firmly out of government.

    A solid refutation -- let's hope that a few of those who really need to see it are in the habit of venturing this far outside the fundie echo chamber from time to time.

  3. Indeed. Thankfully, as the omitted portion of the source show, the R.R. can never produce anything but anecdotes to support it's swill. They never reference our Constitution, except for the odd mention of the First Amendment, which they make while whining over how us mean old secularists are "persecuting" them.

  4. You know, if these people assume that America is a Christian nation, aren't they also implying that only Christians are genuine Americans?

    This country belongs to all its citizens, whether the Religious Right likes it or not.