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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Look here.

If you're fat, don't wear revealing clothes. Or if you do, make sure there's a burlap sack over your head. I am tired of going to the mall and seeing women who are not merely overweight, which isn't that big of a deal, but grotesquely fat and repulsive wearing clothes meant for women one tenth their size. Stop it. Nobody, except maybe desperate, horny perverts, wants to catch a glimpse of your cottage cheese ass hanging out of your spandex. If you weigh more than 260 lbs, and you still dress up in tube tops and mid-riff shirts, then not only do you lack even a shred of common decency, but any and all dignity as well. Could dressing up in a pig costume and walking around saying "oink, oink" be any more shameful or demeaning? At least if you did that, you would be the only one to suffer, and not every non-blind person for a fifty-yard radius. And before somebody tells me that I'm being too hard on these poor people, may I remind you that they are only in the fat condition due to their own weakness? Nobody held a gun to their head and forced them to eat fifteen tons of Doritos over the last ten years. Morbidly obese people are only fat because they chose to do it, and their lives are so shallow and pathetic that they can't even think of something to do besides eating. When they're bored, they eat. When they're happy, they eat. When they're depressed, they eat even more. They are revolting. They don't deserve respect, they deserve to be ignored, unless they start whining about how cruel life is, in which case they should be slapped. "Cruel"? You pig, you probably eat enough in one week to feed an entire village of starving Africans. Don't even cry about how much your life sucks. If you're morbidly fat, you not only do no real work for a living, but have enough money to buy more food in one day than some people eat in one week. Dressing like a slut is already kind of dumb and shallow even if you're actually hot enough to pull it off, but doing it when you look like Jabba the Hutt wearing a wig?

Just thinking about it puts me off my lunch. Stop it. Or I'll set the dogs on you.

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