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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hate Mail Disclaimer

By sending me hate-mail, you automatically cede all rights to the contents of your e-mail, which can be posted on my blog at my discretion, along with your e-mail address. You also grant me exclusive rights to your immortal soul and the blood of your first-born. By sending me hate-mail, you automatically concede whatever point you were sending me hate-mail over in the first place, and admit that you are intellectually inferior to me. If your message contains any threats or death threats, I will forward it to the FBI, and then dig up as personal information on you as I can, which will then be posted in the /b/ section of 4chan.com. You have been warned. Bottom line; hate-mail is for losers. If you're really such a coward that you can't even rouse yourself into posting an anonymous comment on my blog, but instead send me a badly-spelled, profanity-ridden declaration of worthlessness, then it's a safe bet that you have no life and have either never gotten laid or haven't done it in years due to your pathetic, piss-poor personality and shallow mental capacity.

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