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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


There's no need to dignify this with a refutation... but I'll do it anyway.

If you're willing to subject yourself to this guy's smug voice, the first minute and forty-five seconds are just repeating some basic facts about the human brain, such as the fact that while the brain regulates the nerves of the body, it itself has no nerves and thus cannot feel pain. However, Carl Gallups, the pus-bucket narrating this piece of shit, neglected to mention that this propaganda film fails so hard that your brain may just be tempted to grow nerves and feel excruciating pain in response to watching it. Consider yourselves warned.

"...now think, what do you suppose are the chances that this one singular organ, alone, would have come into existence by the process of evolution?"

Pretty good, seeing as how evolution is observed in the fossil record all across the globe in a consistent pattern, and has been observed numerous times in the lab and in nature.

"From a magic mud-pit hit by magic lightning, and given magical billions of years from a single cell from a magical life-form that, supposedly, magically formed from a random conjoining of chemicals."

Etymology: L, evolvere, to roll forth
1 a gradual, orderly, and continuous process of change and development from one condition or state to another. It encompasses all aspects of life, including physical, psychologic, sociologic, cultural, and intellectual development, and involves a progressive advancement from a simple to a more complex form or state through the processes of modification, differentiation, and growth.
2 a change in the genetic composition of a population of organisms over time.
3 the appearance over long periods of time of new taxonomic groups of organisms from preexisting groups. Kinds of evolution are convergent evolution, determinant evolution, emergent evolution, organic evolution, orthogenic evolution, and saltatory evolution. evolutionist, n.
Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.

Now tell me, did any of the diarrhea that Carl spewed into the willing, eager mouths of his mindless YouTube devotees even sound similar to evolution? In even the slightest way? By it's very definition, evolution does not deal with the origins of life, but with adaptations in existing life-forms. What Carl is doing is making a straw-man (and a pretty low-brow one at that) of abiogenesis and trying to conflate the two theories, even though they have no connection. In other words, I hope every dumb fuck who liked this video and posted positive comments for it is beaten into unconsciousness with a heavy hard back edition of the Origin of The Species that has iron studs on it's cover.

"By the way, this entire process has never been observed..."

"...or recreated even under the most manipulative of laboratory conditions."

"Use your brain now, what are the chances?" 

Since everything you said is a lie, pretty good (and considering the blatant stupidity of the creationists in the comments section, telling them to use their brain is probably a wasted effort). From here, he segues into a long, boring overview of the body's various systems, boiling down down into an appeal to the discredited Cretinist dogma of Irreducible Complexity, which got the shit blown out of it by Professor Lenski and his dedicated team. And no, this didn't happen recently, either; it happened in 2008. As far as I can tell, like the Varangian Glaciation, it is never mentioned by creationists.

"It is not true that humans use only a small percentage of their brain."

Who has ever made that claim? Every time I see it, it's in some unscholarly publication with no citations and no connection to any scientists. Apparently, anything and everything Carl doesn't like is part of evolution. Carl is obviously pretty desperate when pathetic, Kindergarten level lies and straw-men (with NO citations whatsoever, of course) are all that he's capable of. Oh, and he hasn't published the comments I left regarding his drivel, which, according to this page at RationalWiki, is par course for the folks who run "PPSIMMONS", an obscure fundamentalist ministry endorsing YEC and Obama's status as the Anti-Christ. On their various websites, they refer to themselves as "the world-famous phenomenon", even though their blog literally gets zero comments on virtually every post. Sad, really.

"What we is, each part of the brain has it's purpose. Unless of course, I suppose, you are an evolutionist, in which case I doubt that even ten percent of the brain is actually used for constructive thought."

Go fuck yourself, you pathetic moron. It sickens me beyond the power of words to describe that stupid, arrogant globs of shit like you, who doesn't even have a single scientific credential to his name, can make shit up about thousands of men and women who have dedicated their entire lives to studying, researching, and proving the natural processes that you blithely dismiss out of hand. If they use less than ten percent of their brains, then  idiots like you and your subscribers use less than .0001%. What "constructive thought" have you used in your shitty, fourth-rate hack video? At least Joesph Goebbels could make propaganda appealing to someone other than the mentally handicapped. How much brain power is required to lie to the ignorant inbreds in the backwoods by dismissing all evidence for evolution out of hand by pretending that it doesn't even exist when every museum has tons of fossils? When the medicine that you take to save your sorry ass is based upon a evolutionary understanding of biology?  Go kill yourself. And take your friends with you; if they swallow up your YouTube shit this readily, then doing the same with poisoned Kool-Aid should be no problem for them.


  1. "even though their blog literally gets zero comments on virtually every post. Sad, really."
    keep up the good work though!

    1. Lol. Yes, my comment count is low. I blame the gremlins. ;)