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Friday, April 20, 2012


Why bothering arguing with people whose rebuttals to TOE consist of claiming that you would piss yourself if you laid eyes upon them? Why bother trying to have a rational discourse with idiots who can't even define the word "theory"? Why bother referring to the geologic column and the fossil record when only the Wholly Babble is true, and everything else is automatically wrong? Why debate mindless cretins with IQs in the single digits who just repeat bible verses as a mindless mantra against reality?

What's a raptor in da hood ta do? Bitch owed me money!!

Yes. Yes, it does; why didn't they make this a display at the Creation "Museum"?

Rabies is a bitch. So is a hungry seven-ton carnivore.


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    1. Thanks. I really did try to find the best that Google Images had to offer. ;)