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Monday, April 9, 2012


Yeah, Cretinists; as good a term as any when describing anti-science buffoons. I recently stumbled upon a far right propaganda site called Patriot Depot, where liars and the mindless conservative sheep of America congregate to shake their fists at their intellectual superiors, and bitch about separation of church and state and gay rights. Well, just clicking on their main page offers a lifetime supply of Epic Fail, but looking at their side bar, I noticed a heading titled "science". Curious, but still keenly aware that this wasn't going to end well, I clicked--and almost threw up. Apparently, Evo-lu-SHUN is a Communist lie that is behind school shootings and drug abuse. I'll get deeper into that in a minute.

"Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution is one of the most dangerous ideas ever entertained by the Western World."

Because any idea posing a threat to the anti-intellectual tradition of Christian herd-think is dangerous to the very fabric of society. Or so they'd have you believe.

"The idea that the universe, our world, and even life have arisen spontaneously out of nothing removes the need for a Creator."

Let me just stop you right there. Where the hell does TOE(the theory of evolution) ever say that all matter arose spontaneously out of nothing? Darwin never said that. None of today's current biologists say that. Such a claim about TOE is held exclusively by religious wing-nuts. Evolution explains the diversity of life, and it's adaptations to the environment through time. It does not explain the origins of life(that is abiogenesis), the creation of the world(astronomy and geology), or the origin of the universe(astronomy and quantum physics, I believe). As a framework of knowledge, it applies exclusively to biology.

" Without a Creator, then, there is no judge of what is right and what is wrong."

Um, yeah, actually, there is; it's called "humanity".

" Ultimately, man himself as the pinnacle of evolution can decide what is right in his own eyes."

Man has decided right and wrong for himself since the dawn of civilization and before. How does TOE impact or change this?

"The Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler, were staunch evolutionists and believed that one "race" of man was more superior than another. This lead to attrocities the world will never forget."

Wrong. The Nazis were staunch far-right extremists who warped Darwin's theory to support their Christian-based antisemitism and racial lunacy.Source... Antisemitism has existed in Germany for hundreds of years, cultivated by first the Catholic Church, and then the Protestants(see the burning of 1,200 Jews in Nuremberg during the Black Death). As a matter of fact, antisemitism aside, their form of Nationalism isn't all that different from that of modern day right-wing extremists.

"We wonder why we have an epidimic of drug use, school shootings, suicide, and depression among our youth. Could it be that they have been told they are nothing more than evolved pond scum with no real purpose in life?"

Correlation does not imply causation, dumbass. For starters, drug use has been existent in Western Civilization for thousands of years, but didn't really take off here in the U.S. until the 1920s. And even then, it didn't reach epidemic-scale until the '60s. This has nothing to do with teaching TOE in schools and everything to do with a general lack of responsibility in our culture. As for school shootings, every single case so far has involved intense bullying of the shooters for years, prompting them to suffer a mental break-down. They didn't start killing people because of evolution, Dungeons & Dragons, Harry Potter, Satan, or the magical ghost of Howdy Doody; they did it because you can only push people so far before they snap, and the incredible degrees of bullying in our schools is appalling. Same thing with depression.

"We encourage you to visit our sister site, CreationRevolution.com, to read the latest scientific evidence which supports the Bible's history of Creation."

You should, really; that site is so full of shit that they're still trying to use the so-called "Cambrian Explosion" as an argument against TOE, despite the fact that real scientists have already explained it with the discovery of the Varagian Glaciation, which you won't see mentioned on CretinismRetardation.com.

So, all in all, this advertisement for a Cretinist bumper sticker has been a really amusing word salad that spews a lot of garbage, but doesn't really have anything intelligent to say. This is why I called this post the "Mental Vacuum"; because creationists form their opinions in one. How else do you explain their continued ignorance of transitional fossils, the Varagian Glaciation, and modern genetics that substantiate evolution as a real process?


  1. the mindless conservative sheep of America congregate to shake their fists at their intellectual superiors

    Which, based on this, include some of the more advanced species of house-plants.

    Where the hell does TOE(the theory of evolution) ever say that all matter arose spontaneously out of nothing?

    Of course they don't have the foggiest idea what the theory of evolution actually is or what questions it addresses. They don't grasp the distinction between cosmology and biology.

    Man has decided right and wrong for himself since the dawn of civilization and before.

    Yes, but some clever but unscrupulous people during all those millennia hit on a brilliant scam to give their own personal moral judgments and prejudices more clout -- claiming that those judgments originated not with themselves but with some awesome supernatural being.

    The Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler, were staunch evolutionists

    How long are they going to keep spouting this crap? The works of Darwin and of the great German evolutionist Häckel were banned by the Nazis, as was anything that insulted Christianity.

    As for blaming violence on the theory of evolution, note that there's much less school violence, teenage pregnancy, and other such social problems in blue states than red states -- and even less in highly secular societies like Germany, Japan, and Scandinavia.

    By contrast, back when people actually took religion seriously, we had the Crusades, the Thirty Years' War, anti-Jewish pogroms, etc.

    You're right. These people are cretins.

  2. "Which, based on this, include some of the more advanced species of house-plants."

    You know, I thing those houseplants might get offended if they find out that you placed their intelligence so low. ;) But all jokes aside, it's been my observation that creationists simply cannot make a decent point without special pleading, appeal to authority, No True Scotsman, and other fallacies. Their "theory" is like firing an arrow into a wall, and then painting a bulls eye around it. They cherry-pick ideas that can be construed as supportive of their dogma, and then ignore the other 95% of the data. The site I linked to consists almost entirely of bible verses and theological posts that carry no scientific weight whatsoever.