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Saturday, April 14, 2012


My shit don't stink! My shit don't stink! My shit don't stink!

"Sometimes in debates or discussions with atheists, the unbeliever uses the argument, “Well, you don’t have to believe in God to be moral.” In most cases, the Christian simply concedes the point and moves on.
I understand why we do this. I’ve even done it myself. However, I want to point out a flaw in our approach that can have serious consequences for the atheist we’re debating.
What’s the flaw? It comes down to this simple truth: There are actually no good atheists."

Hmm? I'm sorry, we're all bad people or something? Hmm. I feel like spaghetti for dinner...

"In the first place, I don’t buy the argument that atheists are good even when compared to the average lost person’s moral code. A person who denies the existence of a Creator has freed himself from any and all moral demands of a higher power. In their minds, they are free to do whatever they want, whenever they want."

Which is why we all run around raping, killing, and looting, 24/7, except for when we're having depraved orgies involving nun costumes and togas. Oh, that's not what we do? Then I guess you're full of shit, Mr. Wes Moore. Fact; ethics don't require religion, dumbass. Some people, unlike yourself, have grown past the need of having the truncheon of authority raised over their heads to ensure fair, decent behavior. We do unto others as we would have them treat us, because we're all in this together, and humanity has to survive as a group.

"If you could look into the secret places of many of their lives, I’m sure you would see a pattern of behavior that is far from moral.  As a former atheist, this was certainly the case in my life. Though I knew somewhere inside God was real, I rejected his (and, in fact, anyone else’s) authority over my life and allowed myself any form of sin I thought acceptable."

Your first bit is speculative drivel (not at all unusual for this guy's site).  I could just as easily say that if you could somehow gaze into the secret places of most Christians' lives, you would see a pattern that is completely amoral. But that doesn't prove squat. You claim that there are no good atheists, but since we conduct ourselves with just as much morality as you guys do (and in some cases, infinitely more) you must make up crap about how we hide it in our private lives. To which I say to you and everyone who  agrees with you; go fuck yourself. Secondly, if you felt that god was real, then you were never an atheist to begin with, since the definition of an atheist is someone who does not believe in gods. And even if you were, your personal experiences still wouldn't automatically apply to everyone else that shared the same view; you're projecting.

"Moreover, it is difficult enough to try to do what is right when you believe in God and fear his judgment. How much more difficult when you couldn’t care less!"

*sigh* By Cthulhu, what a propagandist you are. Do you clean your room because you're afraid of "judgement", or because you don't want to wake up to a smelly mess every morning? Eh? See my toilet analogy for more.

"However, even if you grant the argument that an atheist can be as ‘moral’ as any other lost person, from a biblical perspective you must realize they are not good at all. In fact, quite to the contrary, they are patently evil."

That's right, kiddies! You're patently evil for not accepting this beautiful, humane, long-running religion.

"Atheism is actually a form of idolatry. The idol in this case is man himself."

So by not worshiping the Hebrew Hitler of the bible, I worship myself instead? Wow! Thanks for letting me know. Maybe I can start my own church now and get tax breaks...

"In Romans 1:18-21, Paul says that mankind is without excuse for not knowing and worshipping the true God."

How, exactly, do we know this specific god is the One True Gahd ™? Care to explain how this mechanism works? We're breathlessly awaiting your explanation.

"Their rejection of what has been “made plain to them” leads them to create their own gods, which, in the end, are nothing more than an extension of themselves. In atheism, carved idols are not god, man is."

I guess Gawd forgot to send me the office memo, then; I've yet to see any credible evidence for the Christian Lich Cult*. And we've already established how stupid it is to assert that you just have to worship something, so if you don't have any gods, you worship yourself instead. Just because it's impossible for you to conceptualize a person whose life is not ruled by religion doesn't make it so. And I don't see any statistics or studies backing that up; just another lying christian hack with an axe to grind.

"These people, far from being moral, are called “godless” and “wicked” (v. 18)."

Is that the same bible that condones genocide, says non-virgins should be stoned to death, along with lazy teenagers, and people who pick up sticks on Saturday? What a wonderful source of moral wisdom.

" As an aside, based on this passage and others, I would argue that there is no such thing as an atheist. Atheists demonstrate the highest form of deception and hypocrisy, denying outwardly what they cannot avoid inwardly."

Based upon the bare assertions of a book filled to the brim with magical events, talking animals, resurrections,and impromptu violations of the laws of physics. That doesn't prove anything, Wes. Oh, and for that "inward" bit; [citation needed].

"Years ago when I was an atheist, I thought about God all the time. I couldn’t get away from the overwhelming evidence, both inwardly and outwardly, that my Creator existed."

So you believed god existed, but denied it? Then you were never an atheist to begin with.

"It’s the same with all atheists."

That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. You literally have nothing to back up your bullshit propaganda but projection.

"But, back to the point—what the Bible says about atheists. The Bible calls those who reject the existence of God “fools”"

And it also says that donkeys can talk, people can come back from the dead, walls be knocked down with trumpets, and the sun can stand still in the sky indefinitely. It's the stuff of stupidity, so naturally Wes and his mindless minions believe every word of it.

"“The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Psalm 14:1)."

The wise man says it out loud. And as an aside, referencing your holy book to prove the validity of your holy book is circular logic. Now get back on the short bus, Forest.

"Furthermore, the Bible declares that even the work done by an atheist (the wicked) is evil: “…the plowing of the wicked is sin” (Proverbs 21:4)."

*Yawn* What a boring twit you are. So an atheist who spends his entire life working for the end of poverty and starvation is doing "evil plowing" or some shit, while a rotten, sanctimonious little shit like yourself who sits around lying, projecting, and churning out slanderous propaganda is one of the good guys? I'll pass on that, thanks. Who in their right mind would want to go to heaven with you anyway?

"Think about it—what could be more immoral than denying the existence of the being who created you, gives you health and food and opportunity, and even the very breath you use to deny his existence?"

That is why the evil, wicked idolaters known as Christians will be cast into the deepest pits of Tarturus for their terrible blasphemy against Lord Zeus, God of Gods and King of Kings (others can play your game too, Wes).

"The problem with accepting this argument and not pointing out the biblical truth that atheists are not moral, is that it can leave the atheist with a sense of self-righteousness."

Idiot, modern Christians are the self-proclaimed arbiters of all morality; nobody is more self-righteous than you guys. And biblical truth is no truth at all--just ancient myths with no evidence backing them up whatsoever.

"I know you don’t actually believe the atheist is righteous. And I know this isn’t what you’re actually saying when you concede this argument. But put yourself in the mind of the atheist. You, as the representative of the Bible and the true God, have just allowed for the possibility that he is, at least in some form, righteous."

Ah, so when atheists point out the fact that we're just as moral, if not more moral, than you guys, we're being self-righteous, but when you proclaim yourselves the representatives of god himself and say that there's no such thing as a good person if they don't share your worldview(saying in essence that you're the only good people on earth), there's nothing pompous and self-aggrandizing about that. And by your own religion, christians can still sin since only blaspheming the Holy Spirit is a mortal sin; which means that Hitler may very well be roasting weenies with Jesus right now. After all, a serial child rapist and killer can repent on his deathbed and go to heaven while someone like Gandhi will burn forever.

"How can conviction come in this case? What will the Spirit use to bring sorrow for sin?"

Your face, perhaps?

"In the end, our goal is not to win an intellectual argument (though the intellectual side of our faith is very important). Our goal is to lead lost souls in repentance to Jesus Christ for salvation. Sometimes we forget about that crucial goal when we’re engaged with an atheist."

What "intellectual side"? When it comes to matters of intellect, your "side" has two things; Jack and shit. And Jack's left town.

"We can't afford to do that."

Sounds like an excuse for being used as a Swiffer in every debate.

"The next time an atheist says, “You don’t have to believe in God to be moral,” look at it as an open door to share the gospel."


I realize that you're an honorless  propagandist and a piece of lying shit to boot, but even someone like you should know that most atheists in America were christians before they lost their faith, and know everything you're going to say about the gospels before you say it. And it's what, 70% of the population who are christians?

"Tell him he can’t be moral at all and deny the existence of his Creator."

How convenient it must be to  have a world-view allowing you to proclaim everyone else "evil". In that respect, christianty is quite similar to Nazism.

"Walk him through the arguments I’ve given in this article and the Bible passages I listed."

What arguments, swine? You've given nothing but baseless opinions that every atheist out there recognizes as a lie.

"And then tell him about the work of Jesus Christ on the cross on his behalf."

Because living in a country where three fourths of the population are Christians, he or she has never heard about JAY-SUSS.

“But, they might get mad!” So what! “They might not listen.” How does that change anything? “They might accuse me of being intolerant.” What else is new?

Why listen? We've all heard this shit a million times before, challenged it a million times before, and refuted it a million times before. Like I said, Cretinists form their opinions in a mental vacuum, even when they're not related to science.

"We’re not here to win a popularity contest. The truth is not popular, especially among atheists, whose true, heart-level problem is not that they don’t know if God exists, but that they do, and simply hate him for it."

Congratulations; you're a moron. Please take a cookie and remove yourself from the gene pool. Because for me to hate a god that I don't think exists is like hating Zeus or Thor for... something. Existing? I hate your imaginary god for existing? You're clearly ultra-desperate, aren't you? You're a bit sad, in an incredibly pathetic way.

"What could be more immoral than that?"

What? Being an ass-wit like you? I can concur with that.

"However, at a deeper level, his ultimate purpose is not pleasure for humanity; it is his own glory demonstrated by allowing sin to exist in the world, and ultimately punishing some for that sin and having mercy
on others."

What do you know? That's the christian god he just described! He created mankind for his own glory, with no purpose but to worship day and night, for all eternity. Thanks for admitting that if your god exists, he's a worthless, self-centered prick like you. 


*Jesus was a Lich, LOL.

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