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Saturday, April 21, 2012


That's right, gals; you exist for one purpose and one purpose only; to warm my manhood and bear me a litter of puling spawn. Or so most conservative Christians believe.

Recently, Lady Atheist did a great post on the brood of Jesus Camp rejects known as the Duggar family and their creepy family values. Michelle Duggar, mother of the clan, was also on F.S.T.D.T. saying stupid shit that is almost on the same abysmal level as Ray Comfort's infamous banana argument. Can we be honest here? Christianity as practiced by conservatives turns women into bitches. Not in the sense of promiscuity, or being rude and spiteful on Monday morning, but in the classical meaning of the word; a female dog or canine whose purpose is to breed and bring forth offspring. They're known as "Quiver-Fulls". And the church seems to be just fine with this, along with the entire pro-life crowd, even if the fetus is doomed to a short, pointless existence as a brainless vegetable. Yeah, you read me. Just click on this.

And if that weren't bad enough, I found this rant on Ruthless Reviews this morning.

Fuck you, Pope Bent-Dick XVI; you and the syphilitic whore that you rode in on. Fuck the Vatican and the Catho-Lick Church as well. From mandating the spread of a fatal and easily preventable disease to raping Yig only knows how many choirboys and covering it up and protecting the offenders, you are a detestable collection of subhuman scum. You are just as bad as the Third Reich, and perhaps worse since you've been doing this for fifteen centuries and show no signs and stopping. And at least the Nazis had the decency to own up to their crimes after being caught; you can't seem to find that honesty anywhere in your lunacy-addled minds.


  1. One of the many disturbing things about the Quiverfull movement is that women are expected to breed and breed and breed, even if it compromises their health. Repeated pregnancies take a dangerous toll on a woman's body, for crying out loud. What kind of sadistic worldview would command that!?

  2. One that says you'll go to hell and be tortured every moment of every day for the rest of eternity--not because you did anything that evil, since even child molesters can go to heaven, but simply because you didn't grovel at bible god's feet like a mangy dog. That, according to our christian friends, is the basis of all "morality".