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Saturday, April 28, 2012


Recently, Lady Atheist published a link to an article that some idiot wrote for the Washington Times entitled, "Science and Common Sense Point to God". After I and several other posters refuted that claim, I got into a lengthy dialogue with an utterly deluded Christian who wrote several long, FSTDT-worthy comments claim that atheists were possessed by demons, and that is the only reason why we didn't believe in Cosmic Hebrew Hitler and his undead hippie son. After that, I found myself debating a creationist called Tim. Our debate was typical, really. He made ridiculous statements of child-like ignorance that would be laughed out of every reputable college in the civilized world, and cited AIG as the source of his "truth"(that, and Genesis). And so we went on, I crushing his ignorant claims, and he saying that Evolution (he made a point of capitalizing the word for some reason) was a religion, and had no evidence, and that the evolution of mice, viruses, and bacterial strains in the lab were merely "adaptations", oblivious of the fact that evolution's very definition is adaptations over time. To paraphrase Darth Vader, the Stupid was strong with this one. And yet, I find myself feeling more than a little sorry for Tim. His whole life, he's been brainwashed by adults who didn't know better, and has steadfastly ignored the evidence and clung to those beliefs like a child with a blanket. This is, creationism and religion in a nutshell.

"If there was a worldwide flood then one would expect to find billions of dead things buried in rock layers all over the earth; and that is exactly what is found."

So the flood happened numerous times throughout history? I thought you believed it only happened once.  How else do you account for the layers of the geological column?

"Basic logic suggests to Creationists that the mountains were formed by tectonic movement during the year long flood event."

How? What kind of tectonic movements? What modern evidence supports this view?

"Thank you for calling me an "idiot".  You sure know how to relate with people."

Your continued and willful ignorance of science is shameful. You can't even define the word "evolution" properly. If you don't want to be called an idiot, then stop behaving like one, and stop using logical fallacies in every other sentence, like appealing to authority, making straw-men, god of the gaps argument, argument from ignorance, self-referencing, and question-begging. This sums up every comment of yours that I've seen so far.

"My claim about the confusion of languages at Babel is based on the historical record of Genesis 10 and 11."

It is not historical unless you can provide strong evidence. Otherwise, you could argue that Achilles was indeed invincible down to the ankle based upon the Iliad. You are using the book to prove the book, a stupid, childish argument that only creationists make. You never really see actual scientists saying that evolution is true because a book they read said it's true, and yet what are you doing? Hmm? And evolution is the religion here? Hah!

 "Now, you prove the record is wrong."

*sigh* You seem to resent being called an idiot, yet here you are, earning that title anew with every sentence. Burden of truth; the one who makes the claim backs it up, or he's wrong. Furthermore, that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

 "I will not resort to your attempted intimidation of me by calling you an idiot, however."

It wasn't "intimidation", although I'm certain that calling it such feeds your persecution complex. You arguments are no better than those of a child. Provide evidence, or admit to being deluded.

 "It is not at all genetically impossible for three men and women to re-populate the earth.  Prove your claim."


"I already know where speech came from and then the various languages at Babel.  man was able to speak and understand speech from the very beginning.  Read Genesis 1-3."

Where is the archaeological evidence for these claims? What research backs it up?

"I know that humanity began about 4000 B.C.  It is clear from the Scriptures."





  "Answers in Genesis is an excellent source of information for inquirers.  I was just at the museum.  Excellent!  You should visit.  I did not expect you to agree with what they do.  Duh!  Of course not, you have a totally different belief system."

Evolution is not a belief system; it is a proven fact.  Proof.

"So, your charges are really meaningless."

AIG makes baseless assertions about radiometric dating and once blatantly redefined the word "light-year" so they could lie to a nine-year old. My charges are accurate.

"So, what do you reference for what you believe?"

I don't "believe" anything. The sources for my acceptance of evolution are the fossil record, modern biology (including the E. Coli experiment I linked to), and geology. Basic logic says that life on earth wasn't created all at one time, otherwise the fossil record would be completely different from what it is today.

 "I know some excellent geologists who believe in the global flood.  Perhaps you should take a class from one of them."

Who are they? Where did they get their degrees? How do they explain the fossil record? How do they explain deposition? How do they explain flood tectonics? How do they explain radiometric dating? How do they explain the super-continents? And why don't you make your own arguments, instead of appealing to authority?

 "I am not ignoring it; I just do not believe you have the knowledge and authority to be so dogmatic on this."

Dismissing an absurd story that has no evidence can only be called "dogmatic" by someone who is irrational. Am I also "dogmatic" in my dismissal of Holocaust-deniers?

"Just because you believe it's a myth; a myth it does not make."

Let me repeat for your benefit; that which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Provide proof for your claims.

"I do not deny fossils at all, I just believe that most were laid down by the Flood in Noah's day.  That's all."

And you have failed to provide any viable mechanism for the dispersal of the fossils in the strata.They are not random, that are laid out in a pattern of increasing diversity.

"Let all readers of this thread take note that when certain Evolutionists/atheists converses with those who do not agree with them they resort to calling them "stupid" or an "idiot" in order to intimidate the."

Have you provided any evidence for your claims? No. You just self-reference and say over and over that evolution is a religion, despite the fact that that idiotic claim has been proven wrong countless times. Your willful ignorance can only be called stupid. You have no logic, proof, or explanations; you wave your hands and say "God did it!", like that somehow proves your hypothesis. Anyone behaving like you at my college would be laughed out of it.

 "because they know that the only proof they have is in their own, or others'. interpretation of evidence which is based upon their own belief system."

Wrong. Our interpretation is based upon common sense. Yours is based upon mythical presuppositions involving magic and gods. Evolution is observed in the lab all the time, and the wild as well, when mice adapt to pesticides. And only idiots called evolution a "belief system".

"What he means is that I will not accept his belief system (religion).  So, he wants to call me names."

By calling evolution a religion, you admit to being a moron. Evolution has proof; all you have are baseless interpretations that rely upon wishful thinking and hand-waving. Still waiting for your explanation of the fossil record, Tim.

"Take note, Evolutionists have absolutely no proof that Man evolved from Apes."

You, sir, are a liar and an imbecile.

 "There is no proof it happened and it is not happening now."

You've failed to explain the placement of fossils in the geologic column.  And the fact that they have to update antibiotics for evolving bacterial infections proves that you are willfully ignorant; i.e., stupid.

 "It exists only in the imagination, i.e. a fairy tale."

An apt description of creationism, Tim.

"Take note readers, Evolutionists/atheists do not like it when they are told that what they believe is no more than that, it's what they believe."

Obviously. Slimy, disingenuous lies meant to undermine scientific research is childish and pathetic, so naturally creationists do it all of the time.In the meanwhile, real scientists continue to find new transitional fossils, and observe species adapting before our eyes; while you people hide in caves and call it a religion.

"So, they take their ball and go home because you won't play by their rules."

When you refuse to acknowledge the legitimate research upon which TOE is founded, and display overwhelming ignorance of the scientific method, with only ancient Bronze Age myths to back it all up, there is no point in talking to you. Like your fellow idiot GoldenEagles, any attempt at a rational conversation with you is doomed from the start.

"I have seen this several times."

And you never learn anything from it. Why? Because you're dishonest. And as previously stated, a coward as well. I challenged you to come debate me here, but I suppose the odds of that ever happening are the same odds of creationists coming up with a viable model for flood tectonics, and how the fossil record was randomly arranged to look like 2 billion years of evolution had occurred.


  1. I glanced at Gideon's blog. Did you take a look? He's got some racist shit over there (he has David Suzuki doing a bad Charlie Chan impression), and he's a conspiracy theorist as well, with a particular problem with Zionism. He isn't really a fundie so much as a backwoods white supremacist.

    I keep telling you - I don't know why you bother.

  2. This wasn't Gideon I was responding to, but a poster as the Washington Times called Tim. AT LA's post, click on her link to the article she talks about and scroll down. You'll see GoldenEagles and Tim.

    And to be honest, I think I'm just about done bothering. Creationists are among the dumbest shits I've encountered

  3. Thanks for the link and for fighting the good fight. When I mix it up online I do it because those things shouldn't go unchallenged for the sake of onlookers. Who knows whether there might be some undecided lurker out there, or a fundy with a few doubts who needs to see that they're not the only ones who have figured out that creationism is baloney

  4. BR, what is the deal with this young man, do you know? He started with me yesterday:


  5. I don't know. I guess he just felt like playing devil's advocate. In my opinion, yes, there's nothing wrong with scholars posting on blogs and forums, especially if they're spreading useful knowledge, but David's activity is just trolling. He makes absurd remarks that more often than not deal with historical revisionism, and then launches ad hom attacks when you call him out on it. We've all seen this numerous times. If he was a serious scholar, he would be writing books, attending lectures, and would be capable of something better than ad populem, which sums up his arguments against the OTF. As it stands, he's a joke, and a sad one at that.

  6. Yes, of course. But when I express myself in an even-handed manner and someone tells me to "Calm down!", it pisses me off.

    He seems to be new there, and he's already on my bad side.

    (Well, to be fair, I don't actually have a good side.)

  7. I hear you. Whilst debating Tim, it was a act of self-control to avoid calling him an idiot when he displayed such willful ignorance. I don't know how I managed to hold out as long as I did.

  8. By the way, I think that Gideon is a POE. On his blog, if you scroll down, he has a cartoon of common descent, with a clown towards the end clutching a paper that says "Evolution vs. Creationism Debate", and has the words "Kansas Board of Education" on his chest. This is, needless to say, an unflattering caricature of Gideon's own views. And one would have to suffer an incredible degree of mental illness to believe even half of the conspiracy theories he does.

  9. I don't think he's bright enough to get it.

  10. I know I'm replying to an old post but... I wouldn't exactly say my country is that great. Sure we have Darwin on our money, but on the other side, we have the Queen. Who thinks she was chosen by God (no exaggeration).

    1. Don't worry about posting on old threads. Since you're not trolling, I can't say I mind.